Short Biography


  I am now working at the Gleason research group at MIT as a postdoctoral associate. I develop a sub-10 nm patterning technology using iCVD films and directed self-assembly (DSA) process. The project is to seek a nano-scalable manufacturing technology which can be readily employed to the semiconductor industry, understanding fundamentals of polymer physics observed in exploiting two processes.

  Prior to joining the Gleason research group, I received a Ph.D. in ChemE at North Carolina State University (NCSU) working at Parsons research group, in which I studied on atomic layer deposition (ALD) to deposit ultra-thin films, especially of metal oxides, for engineering surfaces and interfaces. My research on ALD mainly contributed to improving and understanding Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) through the ultra-thin and conformal coating on mesoporous structures.

  After I received M.S. on soft-lithography and polymer dewetting phenomena in ChemE, Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea), I have industrial experience of ~2 years at LCD business, Samsung Electronics (Now, Samsung Display). At Samsung, I designed and optimized the new nanofabrication to manufacture new LCD panels and thereby led the successful launching of them in the factory-scale production. From my primary role, I learned how to communicate and collaborate with research and production teams. Another my job was to evaluate glass substrates of LCD panels for diversifying the suppliers.

  I received B.S. in ChemE from Chung-Ang University (Seoul, South Korea) and finished 26 months-military service during sophomore. I was born, raised up, and educated over 25 years in Seoul, South Korea. At my free time, I love to playing tennis and hiking trails with my lovely family.