Teaching & Mentoring

  • Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (Summer 2015)
    Completed intensive class aimed at improving teaching skill, provided by the MIT Teaching and Learning laboratory

  • Mentor for a Ph.D. student at Gleason research group (Sept 2014 – Current)
    Collaborates with a Ph.D student for the material characterization

  • Introduction to Faculty Careers: A Workshop for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows - North Carolina State University  (Jan 2011)
    Participated in a half-day workshop provided by Rebecca Brent, Ed.D. and Richard M. Felder, Ph.D.
  • Mentor for four students at Parsons research group  (Aug 2010 – May 2014)
    Motivated and encouraged to start research in the field of their own interests and trained them how to operate equipment and analyze data. One of them went to graduate school and participated in publishing two papers as a co-author.

  • Undergraduate teaching assistant for Design and Analysis of Chemical Reactors at North Carolina State University (Aug 2009 – Dec 2009)
    Assisted a senior class in completing assigned homework and preparing exams through Q&A session.

  • Undergraduate teaching assistant for Chemical Process Systems at North Carolina State University (Jan 2009 – May 2009)
    Helped senior undergraduates to complete homework and prepare exams and assisted with grading.

  • Undergraduate teaching assistant for Chemical Engineering Phenomena Laboratory at Seoul National University (Sept 2003 – Dec 2003)
    Assisted undergraduates in performing assigned laboratory experiments and provided assistance as needed with laboratory report writing, measurement, and data analysis.